Journaling my way back to myself.

This is my space. My space to be me, and a space I'm looking forward to using to journal my way back to myself. My true self. 

I found writing w a y back when I was eight years old, writing daily diaries about the boys I fancied at school and the innocents of being a preteen. I went through school, college and university where writing was more of a chore and instead, I found enjoyment from reading. Fast forward to 2016, halfway across the world in India, and I found writing again. And I fell in love with it. Writing fuels my creative passions, it allows me to unwind, it helps me express myself and it eases my mind on those hard days where speaking aloud just won't cut it. 

And some days, writing is the only way I can find myself again. 

I plan to share my words with you. My passions; food and travel, and my musings, rants and revelations, in the hope that I can journal my way back to being me. 


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