Wednesday, 29 April 2020

A little kitchen update

So, the kitchen is complete. I mean it was complete months and months ago, but I can’t  ever just stop moving things around, rearranging shelves and cupboards, y’know moving the sugar pot to the other side of the room for a day. I drive myself mad. So, I guess what I really mean is I think I’m finally finished moving stuff around...

I remember the kitchen being the biggest divider when it came to the ‘shall we?” stage of buying our first flat. 

It was a pretty terrible kitchen. It felt so tiny. It was old and outdated. And worst of all, I felt like it lacked character. Apart from the gloriously-huge sash window in the back wall, it didn’t do it for me. 

It was also one of the harder rooms to negotiate space. The owners before us had nothing on the left wall where the chimney breast is, and the sink and plumbing and the huge window took up another wall and counter space. So, when we walked into this room for the first time it was really hard to see how we’d make it work. 

Alas, by that point I had my mind set - I wanted to make it work. And we came up with some pretty nifty tricks that a) gave the room it’s own character and b) highlighted the room’s potential, particularly in terms of space, that the current layout was hiding.

Agreeing on how we wanted the kitchen to look and feel was super straightforward. Perhaps the easiest of all four rooms. We were both set on a modern country style kitchen. Warm wood worktops, neutral cupboards, white walls and tiles, and integrated appliances. 

Simple. We popped into Wickes one day, and picked out our kitchen there and then pretty much. Buying a kitchen is like, level 10 of being an adult, right? F r e a k y.

The wood tops and neutral colours help to create space and give the room an even warmer feel. It’s the sunniest room in the flat - not that we’d have known with the previous owners’ dark countertops and grey cupboards - and keeping it bright was key for us. 

The hard part was making space. And other than insisting we get rid of the makeshift foldout table attached to the wall, and replacing it with a lowkey ‘breakfast bar’ (that we’ve never eaten breakfast on), I left it to Spen. 

And he smashed it. We cut costs by measuring and designing the layout ourselves. Spencer picked up some old sturdy floor joists from a job and made the beautiful shelves (they’re the best part of the whole room, for sure). We outsourced our own fitters to get it all in place. And we finally treated the worktops ourselves last week. Oh, and Spen fitted the floor himself, obviously. 

And hey presto. We have the kitchen of our dreams. And what I really love about the whole thing are the little finishing touches. The blackboard wall, bursting with photos, invitations and memories. The black fittings and fixtures that give it a modern finish. The sturdy, handmade shelves full of bits and bobs. And how bright the whole room is. I just love LIGHT! 

The kitchen is the centreplace of our entire flat, the place we spend most of our time. And it’s us. It’s busy, there’s lots going on but everything has its place. It’s the brightest space on a saturday morning and the perfect place to set up with a cup of coffee, soak up the sun and take it easy. 

Pure bliss.

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