Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Completed it mate

Happy Days

Good things this week? Spencer and I finally completed and got the keys to our first property together! Make that the best thing that’s happened all year.

Ever since we got that mortgage in principle in the summer, its been the hottest topic in our little lives. We’ve created mood boards, drawn up floor plans, designed about a million different wardrobe combinations and brought ourselves a brand new kitchen - how bloody grown up.

The best thing about this whole experience though is that we’ve both loved it (so far). As soon as we got the keys we’ve been knocking walls down, taking out the (f)ugly bathroom suite and lowering the ceilings. It’s one hell of a project, but I’m already in love with this place and its gorgeous Edwardian features. It has so much potential, I can’t wait to crack on. Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be using this little space to document our progress, turning this little flat into our new home. But for now, let me run you through some of our plans...

First up, the lovely beige 'lounge'

Property makeover

Property makeover

The previous owner, who used to rent the property out, had this room at the front of the building set up as the bedroom. When we first viewed the place I couldn't quite believe anyone would want their bedroom at the front of the house; it didn't make good use of the gorgeous, albeit small, balcony at the front at all. That's also a 'walk-in' closet to the side of the room, again, this didn't work for me and Spencer either. One of the selling points of this flat was the cute balcony (I'm talking fairy lights and antique garden furniture piled with cushions and cosy blankets), and no one wants people trapezing through their bedroom and then their closet for a quick fag (the reality, let's be honest).

So, we're going to chuck the radiator to sit under the window. And that wall will be coming down straight away. The 'closet' is going to be replaced with a stylish 'nook' with built-in seating and a small dining table... I already can't wait for those summer evenings eating dinner with that balcony door wide open, bliss! The rest of the lounge will be simple. White walls. Plenty of colourful cushions. Blankets everywhere. And of course, our beloved Chesterfield will be front and centre.

The (f)ugly bathroom

Property makeover

Of course, you'll already know (if you know me) this was 100% the first thing to go. Absolutely nothing to praise in this room, other than the lovely high ceiling that we'll try and keep as much as possible. We'll be ripping the whole suite out to replace it with a more discrete back-to-wall toilet, nice big shower enclosure and a plain vanity unit and sink. We're going for matt black faucets, downlights and trimmings. The walls will be tiled with white brick-style tiles (finished with grey grout of course), and the floor will be a lovely slate grey LVT. I plan to keep the bathroom simple with just a warm bamboo bathmat, wooden shelves and a large, round mirror above the sink.

It's where the magic happens...

Property makeover

Property makeover

I love the idea of moving the bedroom to the back of the flat, it's south facing so there's a tonne of sunlight coming in from the huge sash window - the perfect wake up call. I also think the stairs down into the room add a nice bit of character and quirkiness. This room will be kept nice and clean; white walls again and minimal furniture. I've been obsessed with accent walls for ages now, and I'm so excited to finally have my own place where we can experiment. Although, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect dark blue/black/grey/green paint for the wall opposite the window to bring a nice depth and cosiness to the room. I'm also counting down the days until we get to put up our brand new Victorian hospital-style bed... dreamy!

Where the real magic actually happens

Property makeover

Property makeover

We are both over the moon and w a y too excited about our new kitchen. It's where we spend a lot of our time, we both love to cook and weekends are often spent knocking up a curry or risotto with a few glasses of wine, so we splashed out a bit here and got the kitchen of dreams. We're going for a modern country style kitchen - ivory cupboards, black nickel Beatrice-style handles, dark oak worktops and integrated appliances. Cannot wait. Walls again will be white and tiled. We spent a good few weeks going back and forth with the floor. Spencer wanted something plain, I wanted something a bit different to contrast the simple cupboard design. You'll have to wait and see what we finally agreed on.

And that's it for now. Spencer continues to be in a constant dust-covered state knocking walls down and I'm still changing my mind every five minutes on the colour of tiles...

Happy days.


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